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Parent Handbook

Admission Agreement

  • Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment -- Child Care Centers or Family Child Care Homes
  • Personal Rights (Child Care Centers)
  • Identification and Emergency Information Child Care Centers/Family Child Care Homes
  • Physician's Report -- Child Care Centers
  • Child's Preadmission Health History -- Parent's Report
  • Child Care Center Notification of Parents' Rights

Admission Agreement and Forms

Below are the forms that are required when enrolling children at Penleigh Child Development Center. Click on the links to download and print the forms. 

  • Tuition Fee
  • Refund Policy 
  • Reasons for Termination
  • Penalties for late pick-up
  • Vacations/Sick Days
  • Sign In/Out Procedures
  • Immunization History and Physician's Report
  • Rights of the Licensing Agency
  • and more...

The 'Admission Agreement' includes policies about:

Enrollment Packet

At PCDC, we assure you of a strong partnership between you and all our staff. We work hard at maintaining an excellent communication and feedback system. You, as parents, are major partners in the care and early education of your child need to feel comfortable, informed, and secured in the care your child is receiving from us. Communication between you and our staff is therefore essential in order to make us effective in the care we provide. The Parent Handbook communicates more in-depth information about Penleigh for the parent's benefit.

The Enrollment Packet includes the following forms: